Sales Process Management

Sales Process Management is an integrated service to carry out the sales function in a company, in which there are strategies through various sales media. Because Management in Sales is very important for the needs of the company, the various methods used are also various in carrying out a good and smooth approach to customers. The various methods that we use usually use Mobile Applications, Telesales, PEVITA (Phone Interactive Voice Automation) to SMS Blast. All methods used are of course carried out by our experienced and professional workforce. Not only Sales Process Management, outsourcing company PT SIM also provides other outsourcing services such as Employee Supply Management, Collection Process Management, Verification Process Management, to Cleaning Service Services.

Our Service

Sales Person supported with a Mobile Application.

This service is the provision of employees for Field Marketing / Sales positions, supported by supporting applications in the form of Sales Apps.

Service Benefits Sales Person supported with a Mobile Sales Application

  • Field marketing / sales work processes can run better immediately with work support tools.
  • Field marketing / sales can immediately standardize all work tools.
  • With the Sales Apps application, you can get accurate and valid productivity data.
  • The field marketing / sales work process is faster and smoother.
  • Field marketing / sales work productivity is getting better.
  • Simplify the work process field marketing / sales.
  • Optimal Monitoring to monitor field officers in real time with the location tracking feature and monitoring dashboard.
  • Manage assignments to manage the daily assignments of field officers.
  • Flexible in distributing assignments.
  • Mapping Strategy to facilitate field officer assignment areas based on zipcode.


This service is an outbound call with the aim of informing, offering or selling products or services owned by the client company.

Telesales Advantages

  • The client only needs to provide data to PT. SIM within a certain period, then we will provide services according to the agreed SLA.
  • Facilities and infrastructure have been taken into account both in terms of quantity and quality, so as not to interfere with operational processes.
  • Reducing third party intervention in verifying data.
  • Telecommunications using several provider companies.
  • Qualified soft skill agent skills in communication and negotiation.
  • Customers will get detailed information on their needs.

PEVITA (Phone Interactive Voice Automation)

This service is selling products or services through Outgoing Interactive Voice Response (OIVRS) media.

Benefits of PEVITA Services

  • Productivity is much higher than agent calls because there is no limit to the number of agents.
  • If the target is right it will be much more effective and more economical.
  • Does not require an agent in the calling process.
  • The client only needs to provide the content that will be conveyed and a list of debtors, then the process will run.
  • The number of calls at the same time does not depend on the number of agents, so productivity is much higher.

SMS Blast

This service is sending SMS Blast to make offers or inform clients of programs, products or services.

Benefits of SMS Blast

  • The SMS Blast service is equipped with a company Masking Sender ID so that SMS Recipient customers will have more confidence.
  • Does not require Man Power, so it is appropriate to disseminate promotional information.

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