Employee Supply Management

Employee Supply Management is an integrated service to meet workforce needs which includes recruitment services for workers, provision of CVs, Work Support Applications, payroll, contracts, compensation and benefits as well as Industrial relations. As a manpower outsourcing company, PT Swakarya Insan Mandiri always provides experienced and trusted manpower and outsourcing services in taking care of your management needs. Apart from Employee Supply Management, we also provide a variety of other outsourcing services such as Collection Process Management, Verification Process Management, Sales Process Management, to Cleaning Services.

Our Service

Provision of CV

We provide Curriculum Vitae with job candidates that meet your company's needs. Our data sources are always updated so that you get a valid, complete and up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.

Advantages of Procurement of Job Applicants

  • Active CV and always updated in the last 3 months. You can be sure always.
  • CV provider based on client's specific needs. Can be sure your company.
  • The process is very fast because PT SIM is supported by a wide network. That way, you can save your time in finding the right and needed workforce.

Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Process is a service for providing candidates who have passed file selection, psychological tests, and interviews by us and users.

Recruitment Process Advantages

  • Get the right candidate according to company needs.
  • Tested and licensed test from the Institute of Applied Psychology.
  • The process is very fast because PT SIM is supported by a wide network.

Provision of Employees

Employee Provision is a manpower fulfillment service for clients and we provide full service in procurement. compensation, benefit and industrial relation.

Advantages of Employee Provisioning Services

  • FAST
    We provide fast service, because it is supported by an extensive network.
    We provide suitable candidates according to client's needs.
    Our recruitment tests have been tested and licensed by the Institute of Applied Psychology.

    We have a sourcing community throughout Indonesia.

Work Support Applications

Work Support Application Services are employee fulfillment services supported by supporting applications.

Advantages of Job Support Application Services

  • Appropriate and accurate monitoring of employee productivity.
  • Faster and smoother work processes.
  • Increased work productivity.
  • Makes the work process much easier.
  • Lower overhead and operational costs

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PT. Swakarya Insan Mandiri (SIMGROUP) has been trusted by dozens of companies from various industries in providing outsourcing management services such as: employee supply management, sales process management, office cleaning services, and others. For more detailed information about our outsourcing services you can contact us here.

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